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Permanent Makeup


Permanent Makeup is performed using a Tattoo pen which deposits ink into the skin. You can have your eyebrows, lips or upper lash line done. Two sessions are required to complete your tattoo. Not everyone is a good candidate for Permanent Makeup; please read "Permanent Makeup FAQ" and the drop-down page under FAQ titled "Tattoo prep and Aftercare" before you schedule. (Aftercare products included).

  • Permanent Makeup Consultation (30 mins) - Free

    • During this 30 minute consultation we will discuss any medical history contraindications (please fill out your health history form before your appointment), your goals, the steps of the permanent makeup process, and most importantly help you decide if I am the right artist for you.

  • Powder Brow / Ombre Brow /Microshading - $600

    • Need help filling in holes or sparse areas of your brows? Want a fuller tinted look and a technique that lasts longer than traditional eyebrow makeup, tint and henna? Powder Brows may be right for you!

    • Eyebrows with a soft powder effect. It's very similar to powder makeup without the daily hassle!

    • $150 deposit due when booking / remaining balance of $450 due at 1st session

  • Lip Blush - $400

    • Want to fix lip symmetry and uneven pigmentation?  Looking for a soft and natural color enhancement that can give a "finished" look? Then Lip Blushing may be right for you!  

    • Achieved by depositing pigment into your lips through a shading and pixelating technique. Lip Blush can give the soft appearance of watercolor or tinted lip balm.

    • $150 deposit due when booking / the remaining balance of $250 is due at 1st session

  • Lash Line Enhancement - $350

    • Looking for everyday definition to make your eyes pop without the struggle of keeping up with eyeliner trends? Need a smudge/smear proof, easy to maintain solution? Lash Line Enhancement may be right for you!

    • Lash Line Enhancement subtly adds definition and color to your lash line to create the appearance of thicker lashes. Color is deposited through the eyelashes; eyeliner is not included in this service.

    • $150 deposit due when booking /the remaining balance of $200 is due at 1st session

  • Perfecting Color Boost (3rd session) - $50

    • Still have an area that is stubborn to take ink/pigment. Did you forget and consume alcohol or coffee the night before or day of your session which resulted in poor healing? Let's try a 3rd session, cost is for supplies only.

    • Clients may want or need a 3rd session to perfect their tattoo. Depending on how your skin heals and how well you followed the before and after -tattoo instructions. These factors greatly determine how much pigment you retain.

    • This service is not included in your initial fee and must be scheduled within 4 months of initial service.

  • Yearly Color Touchup - $150- $250

    • Your color will fade naturally, and a color touch-up will be required every 1-3 years depending on your lifestyle, skincare products and tattoo care. It is best to send a photo or schedule a free consultation if you’re not sure if you need a touch-up.

    • Yearly touchyps are ONLY for procedures initially performed by Muse. If you have a previous tattoo; sometimes a color correction and possible update of shape may be needed. Please schedule accordingly by selecting "Powder Brow" as your first service with Muse.

  • Combo Brows (Power Brows + Microblading) - Coming soon!

    • Combo brows are a combined technique of microblading (creating hair-like strokes at the beginning or bulb of the brow) and powder brows (creating a pixilated powdery effect to fill in sparse areas and create fullness).

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