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Permanent Makeup Consultation

Have questions about Permanent Makeup? Let's chat during a free 30 minute consultation.

Permanent Makeup is performed using a Tattoo pen which deposits ink into the skin. You can have your eyebrows, lips or upper lash line done. Two sessions are required to complete your tattoo. Not everyone is a good candidate for Permanent Makeup; please read "Permanent Makeup FAQ" and the drop-down page under FAQ titled "Tattoo Prep and Aftercare" before you schedule. (Aftercare products included).

  • Permanent Makeup Consultation (30 mins) - Free

    • During this 30 minute consultation we will discuss any medical history contraindications (please fill out your health history form before your appointment), your goals, the steps of the permanent makeup process, and most importantly help you decide if I am the right artist for you.

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